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Early Life[]

Drake Shannon (Earth-616) from Marvel Team-Up Vol 1 15 0001

His real face

Drake Shannon was the former partner of Crash Simpson, who was horribly maimed after a motorcycle accident.[1]

The Orb[]

Following Simpson's accident, he tried to forcibly take ownership of the motorcycle show they had created together, but was defeated by the efforts of both Spider-Man and Ghost Rider.[1]

He then became a professional criminal, principally fighting the Ghost Rider for revenge. During this period, he attacked Delazny Studios,[2] and afflicted Roxanne Simpson with amnesia.[3]


He then battled Hawkeye, who pursued him into the Mojave Desert. Both found a large metal dome, which currently served as Plantman's base. Plantman tried to kill them, but Hawkeye forced Smithers to escape. While in the desert, Orb and Hawkeye encountered a group of Plantman simulacra that had replaced the Orb's gang.[4] Believing they were the originals, Orb ordered them to kill Hawkeye, but they instead opened fire on him, apparently killing him.[5]

Bar with No Name[]

The Orb secretly survived his ordeal with the plant impostors and resurfaced some time later in the Bar with No Name, where he played pool with Taskmaster and one of Red Ghost's Super-Apes.[6]


Power Grid[9]
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  • Giant Eyeball Helmet: Constructed by They Who Wield Power and later augmented by other sources. The Orb's "eye" could fire laser beams and hypnotize others who caught his gaze.[7]


  • Orb's Motorcycle[7]

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