Drall was an Endrionic gladiator[1] and one of the members of the Lethal Legion assembled by the Grandmaster to fight on his behalf against the Challenger's Black Order as part of a contest carried out on Earth.[2]

When both teams were teleported to Earth with the intent to survey the battleground, they briefly butted heads. They were stopped by their masters since the competition hadn't actually started.[1] For the first round, when both competing teams were divided in half, Drall was among her teammates fighting one of the halves of the Black Order in Cusco, Peru for the possession of one of the two Pyramoids. The Avengers interrupted both fights.[3] The round ended after the Human Torch touched the Pyramoid in Cusco, since the other had already been secured, prompting both teams to regroup and prepare for the following round.[4]

During the second round, Drall and all members of the Lethal Legion save Ferene the Other focused their attention on obtaining one of the two new Pyramoids activated, which had been placed in Los Alamos, New Mexico.[5] After Red Wolf claimed the Pyramoid,[6] most members of the Lethal Legion were knocked out, including Drall.[7]

Following the end of the contest and the Avengers' victory over the Challenger, the Lethal Legion regrouped and escaped to Knowhere. Since they all were facing near-death situations when the Grandmaster recruited them, none of them had nowhere to return. They decided to stay together and see what could their combined power accomplish.[8]

  • Based on pieces of concept art released for the Lethal Legion, Drall was originally going to be named Chall.[9]
  • Drall was envisoned by Jim Zub as the weapon-wielder of the team, mixing elements of sword and sorcery.[10]

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