The Fear Avatar was a unique Draugr and the first trial by which those who wished to challenge Hela had to pass to acquire enough power to defeat her in her own domain of Hel.

After discovering her lover, Sera was trapped in Hel, Angela went there to rescue her,[1] but found out that she couldn't simply take Sera with her, as she would still be dead. The only way of resurrecting her would be overthrowing Hela and changing the laws of Hel. But to accomplish her goal, Angela had to pass three trails to acquire enough power to beat Hela in her own realm.

With Sera's help, Angela found the first trial, which was a Draugr. The Draugr used its powers to force Angela to relive her worst fear: losing Sera; but she managed to overcome it and defeated the Fear Avatar with Leah's help. Afterwards, Angela absorbed the Draugr into herself and became a corival, an official challenger for Hel's throne, with the undead creature now under her control.[2]

After passing the other two trials, Angela was confronted by Hela and her followers.[3] Incapacitated by the Hel-Wolf, Angela summonned the Draugr to assist her against Hela. While Angela dealt with Hela, Sera used the Draugr to defeat the Dísir. Soon afterwards, the Fear Avatar was destroyed by Hela.[4]

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