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The criminal organization known as Maggia used several improved, modified models of Dreadnought to supplement the human security in its base in Derby; Connecticut, along with traditional Dreadnoughts.[1] The hideout was in the headquarters of a front company, Technical Press, Inc.[2]

When Maggia leader Madame Masque kidnapped meddlesome investigator Bethany Cabe, Cabe's paramour Anthony Stark went to rescue her in his guise as Iron Man, along with his friend James Rhodes. Iron Man rescued Cabe, but he had to go back to the facilities for Rhodes and, while doing so, he found the two modified Dreadnoughts along with four traditional ones. He decided to retreat on skates, but he was followed to a paper store room.[1]

Once there, Iron Man hid and scanned the robots, discovering a frequence joining its brain centers and motor systems. He broadcast a counter-frequence that incapacited the Dreadnoughts temporarily. He then threw big paper rolls as weapons, finding that those were heavy enought to smash several Dreadnoughts - including the wheeled model.[1]


Mechanical saws instead of hands. Catterpillar tracks instead of legs, making him slightly faster than the original Dreadnought model.


These robots joined their brain centers and motor systems using a frequence. The correct counter-frequence can disable them. A simple electronic scan can reveal these.[1]

These robots are not strong enought to survive the impact of a big paper roll.[1]


This robot's dessignation is never given.

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