Quote1.png My life's never been better. I've friends, purpose and power. No longer am I merely Willow 327, unskilled worker. Now I am Willow, a cybernetic telepath and revolutionary. Quote2.png
-- Willow (Dreadstar)

Appearing in "Willow's Story"

Featured Characters:

  • Willow
  • Vanth Dreadstar
  • Syzygy Darkock
  • Oedi
  • Rainbow (Dreadstar)

Supporting Characters:

  • Skeevo Phlatus


  • The Monarchy
    • Deserters

Other Characters:

  • Church of the Instrumentality
    • Soldiers (in Willow's Mind)
  • Willow's Parents (in Willow's Mind)
    • Lt. Drake (see Notes)
    • Maria 117 (see Notes)




Synopsis for "Willow's Story"

Syzygy brings out the latent telepathic abilities that Willow was suppressing due to her father's molestation of her.


  • The names of Willow's parents are revealed in a flashback in Dreadstar #17.

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