Quote1 Damn, that cold-blooded Fiend is going to use his Telepathic Powers to force Phlatus to betray his Comrades. This has got to be the most distasteful Assignment I've ever been on. Quote2
-- Gecko Lingus

Appearing in "Hunters!"

Featured Characters:

  • Vanth Dreadstar
  • Syzygy Darklock
  • Skeevo Phlatus
  • Willow (Cameo)

Supporting Characters:

  • Rainbow (Cameo)


  • Church of the Instrumentality
    • Monalo
    • General Zedlock
    • Captain Yorkan
    • Gunnery Officer Winsor (Death)
    • Mass
    • Infra Red
    • Ultra Violet
  • Gecko Lingus

Other Characters:

  • Oedi (Only in flashback)
  • Dr. Delphi (Only in flashback)
  • Anton A. Lanstrom Mezlo (Only in flashback)


  • Earth-8116
    • Terigan
    • Tempest-7 (Only in flashback)



  • The Beauty (Only in flashback)
  • Instrumentality Destroyer Omega

Synopsis for "Hunters!"

Dreadstar, Skeevo, and Syzygy are all defeated and captured by Monalo's agents.


  • Duffy credited as Associate Editor, Shooter as Consulting Editor

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