Quote1.png This is a glorious moment for the Church and you, my most Holy Lord Papal. The last of your enemies has fallen into your clutches this day. Quote2.png
-- Monalo

Appearing in "Trial!"

Featured Characters:

  • Vanth Dreadstar
  • Willow
  • Skeevo Phlatus
  • Syzygy Darklock

Supporting Characters:

  • Monarchy Troops
    • Eva Wyeth
    • Kraclot


  • Church of the Instrumentality
    • Lord High Papal
    • Monalo
    • Cardinal Spydar
    • Cardinal Elsior
    • Madame Styx
    • Growth
    • Sergay
    • General Zedlock
    • Infra Red
    • Judge Empath 522
    • Defense Attorney Spencer Darrow
    • District Attorney Fredrich Bryant

Other Characters:

  • Anton A. Mezlo/Oedi
  • Gecko Lingus
  • Solair
  • Omni
  • Lance Honor
  • Ultra Violet
  • Norm




Synopsis for "Trial!"

The Omnians and Ultra Violet are converted to the cause. Willow is seen to be faking her catatonia.


  • Duffy credited as associate editor, Shooter as consulting editor, and Chichester as assistant Editor.


  • Gecko Lingus seems to realize by Mezlo's scent that something is wrong with him.

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