Quote1.png Trust you?! Trust you?! Trusting you got the Doc and Oedi killed! Your trust quota is all used up, mister! Quote2.png
-- Skeevo Phlatus

Appearing in "The Execution!"

Featured Characters:

  • Vanth Dreadstar
  • Willow
  • Syzygy Darklock
  • Skeevo Phlatus
  • Ultra Violet

Supporting Characters:

  • Anton A. Lanstrom Mezlo/Oedi
  • Omni
  • Solair
  • Rainbow
  • Monarchy Troops
    • Eva Wyeth


  • Church of the Instrumentality
    • Lord High Papal
    • General Zedlock

Other Characters:

  • Lance Honor
  • Sergay
  • Dr. Delphi (on Monitor)
  • Maxilon (on Monitor)




  • Omega Ship

Synopsis for "The Execution!"

Oedi saves Dreadstar and his colleagues while destroying the Instrumentality fleet with the bomb intended for Vanth.


  • Duffy credited as associate editor, Shooter as consulting editor, and Chichester as assistant editor.
  • Oedi apparently posed as Mezlo since his "death".

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