The Sentinels decided that all life must be destroyed. Dream was born to Franklin Richards and Rachel Summers in the South Bronx Internment Camp. They both died when she was about a year old, in an attempt to stop the Last War.

When Cyclops and Jean Grey traveled through time, arriving in the year 2035, they encountered a surviving resistance group living in hiding. Dream, the young leader of the group, recognized them as her grandparents. They set out to fight their way to Kang's machine and destroy it; however, Dream was mortally injured along the way. As she died, Cyclops reassured her that the Sentinels she had spent her life fighting would be stopped. A few moments later, Kang destroyed her timeline.


Dream was able to sense that Cyclops and Jean Grey were trustworthy.


Dream is skilled at hand to hand combat.

Strength level

Normal human female with intensive regular exercise.

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