Dreamcatcher was among her team, Seed Nineteen, when they went to rescue a brainwashed Tesseract and found themselves on Earth. She sorted out her team's mistake for Earth as a hostile planet like those from their dimension after entering and reading Susan Storm's mind.

After Seed Nineteen teamed up with the Fantastic Four to rescue Tesseract again, Dreamcatcher helped with Susan Storm in coordinating Gallowglass' defeat and the subsequent destruction of the firedrake Redeemer. Following this, Dreamcatcher was separated from her teammates and stranded alongside the Fantastic Four and a comatose Tesseract on planet Pyx's Ironwater City. She then lead the Four to one of Seed's hideouts and requested Ben Grimm's assistance in searching for suitable materials for constructing a teleportation device back to Earth. Once she constructed the device, Ben had attracted Acheron forces' attention when preventing a live execution. Dreamcatcher and Grimm returned to the hideout, only to have Ben be possessed by Thanos. Fortunately Ben's will resisted Thanos' influence which allowed Dreamcatcher to sever Thanos' possession.

After fending off Acheron forces, Dream teleported herself and her friends back to Earth but found that Ronan the Accuser followed them to 'judge' them. When Seed Nineteen regrouped with the Four to battle Ronan, Dreamcatcher successfully revived and freed Tesseract from his brainwashing allowing him to battle Ronan. Right after Tesseract was almost subdued by his opponent, on Reed Richards' stratagem Dreamcatcher's power was boosted by Grail Fountain to combine the powers of her allies into Threshold to defeat Ronan. With their mission a complete success, Dreamcatcher and her team along with Tesseract returned to liberate Pyx.


  • Illusionist
  • Mindreading

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