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Alpha Flight Vol 1 60

Approximately 800 years ago, Nightmare forced himself upon the succubus Zhilla Char, impregnating her in the process. He then left her in a lower realm from which she was unable to escape. Succubi mothers become their children, and so Zhilla's body burned away, leaving her daughter in place. While she was a person in her own right, she was born grown up and with her mind full of her mother's memories. Immediately she discovered that she can shape the surrounding world to her will. Realising that it was a part of Nightmare's plan to gift her this realm, she took on the name Dreamqueen.[3]

First contact with Earth[]

However, over time, trapped with only her creations, she grew bored. Around 350 years ago, the Chickaqua, a now-extinct tribe of Native Canadians, was plagued by a great drought. Their shaman, Nanquato, sent out his astral form in search of their gods to ask for them to let it rain. However, he reached the Liveworld instead. Using this opportunity, Dreamqueen fooled him, gifting him a totem and promising that it will help him bring rain. The totem's real purpose, instead, was allowing Dreamqueen to extend her influence to those in its vicinity. Through the totem, she continued to fool Nanquato with the vision of rain, meanwhile torturing his fellow tribesmen with nightmarish visions. The fear of her victims allowed her to strengthen the link until she was able to send a magical item through, which she then planned to follow. However, one of the warriors of the tribe realized that Nanquato was the cause of their problems. He slew him with a spear. And both Nanquato's body and Dreamqueen's artefact were secured and isolated to cut off their influence. Laughing at his daughter's failure, Nightmare appeared and revealed that he had warned the warrior of the dangers of the artefact. With her plans foiled, Dreamqueen could only rage and wait for another opportunity.[3]

Then, one day, a small creature mysteriously appeared in her realm. Not knowing what to make of the small creature, she cared for it. This creature grew up to be Goblyn, the sister of Laura Dean. Occasionally Laura would enter the Dreamqueen's realm, but the Dreamqueen carefully avoided her. Laura named the realm "Liveworld," as she viewed the real world as being dead.[citation needed]

Finally, when Laura had stayed in LiveWorld an especially long time, the Dreamqueen met her and threatened her, thriving on the fear it inspired. Laura subconsciously used her powers to bring Alpha Flight and Goblyn to LiveWorld. Alpha Flight battled the Dreamqueen's forces but couldn't beat them since there were as many as the Dreamqueen cared to create. The Alphan Puck was in Tibet, looking for new worlds to explore, when he glimpsed the events in Liveworld. He saw that Alpha was in trouble and decided to bring them back to earth. Unfortunately, this also brought the Dreamqueen into the earth realm. Although her powers were lesser in that she could only alter perceptions, her creations, the Dream Demons, were able to harm someone if they did not know that they existed.[citation needed]

Alpha Flight battled to defeat the Dreamqueen with the help of the Jade Dragon. The Dreamqueen was finally beaten when Puck (who was not affected by the Dream Demons) forced the Dreamqueen back into Liveworld. Before the Dreamqueen left, she was able to implant the Alphans with mystic energy.[citation needed]

While in LiveWorld, the Dreamqueen tortured and manipulated Puck, driving him to the point of death and then back again. All the while, she waited. Meanwhile, on earth, Alpha Flight had disbanded and the various members were going through individual traumas which could not be explained. Box had subconsciously been controlling his robot to wreak havoc; Manikin, for a time, believed that he was a fictitious character; and Purple Girl believed that her father had returned from the dead. This was all the doing of the Dreamqueen's "psychic seeds." Finally, when Alpha gathered to discuss it, their combined energies allowed the Dreamqueen to enter the Earth realm once again.[citation needed]

This did not go unnoticed as Elizabeth Twoyoungmen, who had been working at an archaeological site (the remains of the Dreamqueen's first attempt to enter the earth realm), had been having odd dreams. Finally, after she found the body of the shaman and the magic talisman, she passed out. She had a dream where she was contacted by Narya, who explained the Dreamqueen's origin and told Elizabeth that she must resume her role as Talisman. She contacted Alpha, who then joined forces to meet with Shaman, who then returned the circlet of power to Elizabeth, although only after a mind-controlled Sasquatch attempted to take it away. Dreamqueen was spreading her influence outward from Edmonton, and people were acting out their fantasies with no realization of what they were doing.

She manipulated China Force into battling Alpha Flight in an attempt to stop them from reaching her. Talisman was able to defeat the Dreamqueen, and Laura Dean sent the Dreamqueen to the farthest dimension her powers could reach.

Dreamqueen later found her way back to Liveworld but was now obsessed with finding other dimensions to control. Her absences and new obsession allowed Puck the opportunity to explore Liveworld. He soon found that through sheer force of will, he could manipulate the realm since the Dreamqueen was not present. Eventually, Alpha Flight ended up in LiveWorld once again. Puck used his knowledge of manipulating the reality of that world to help free them.

The Dreamqueen later returned to LiveWorld, apparently only to find Beta Flight. She terrorized them but they were able to escape.[citation needed]

The Dreamqueen later either gained more power or skill as she was able to affect the dreams of Alpha Flight to forewarn them of a danger that would cost them their lives (but also limit the imaginations and dreams of mankind, thus harming the Dreamqueen).[4]


The Dreamqueen began to prey on Viv Vision, whose resillient synthezoid mind appeared to be an endlessly renewable source of pain for Dreamqueen to feed on. Suffering from debilitating nightmares, Viv sought aid from the Scarlet Witch. Wanda battled Dreamqueen in Viv's mindscape and emerged victorious. To prevent her from preying on Viv again, the Scarlet Witch fed Dreamqueen an enchanted sarmale, which compelled her to feed off of joy instead of pain. Dreamqueen's tastes remained unchanged, meaning that she would hate the taste of the joy she would be forced to consume.[2]


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  • Reality Manipulation: In Liveworld, Dreamqueen can reshape reality to levitate, transmute matter, generate energy blasts, and create living beings.[5]
  • Hallucinations: On Earth, she can only alter perceptions to induce full-sensory hallucinations.[5]
  • Oneiromancy: She can "dreamscan" others to create "dream-maps" of images from their subconscious minds.[5]
  • Superhuman Durability: She is exceptionally durable.[5]
  • Immortality: Dreamqueen is unaging.[5]
  • Cosmic Awareness: The Dreamqueen has demonstrated the ability to perceive realities other than her own. In one instance, she perceived Earth-7475 and re-created it on Liveworld.[6] In a second instance, she was able to send a vision of Earth-9418 into the dreams of Alpha Flight.[7]


  • Mysticism: Dreamqueen retains knowledge of magical lore from her mother's memories.[5]

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