The Dreamtime is the collective unconsciousness of all sentient beings in the universe.[1] From the Dreamtime, it is possible to access anywhere gods live[2] by going to the fringe of a species' collective consciousness and through the Heart of the Dreamtime, and linking to the others, through the abstract region of pure sentience.[3]

It contains countless planetary objects, including Alchera, home of the Aboriginal gods, which cannot be comprehended through reason, as well as Nightmare's "Dream Dimension",[1] which is linked to and shaped by humanity's collective unconscious and include Nightmare World (which Nightmare rule,[4] and which was bordering the Astral Plane),[5] the Skrull Dreamtime,[6] and the infinite alien consciousnesses of all the races of the universe.[3] The Realm of Madness both bordered Nightmare's realm[7] and was beyond it and the Dream Dimension.[8]


According to ancient myths, the god Altjira couldn't depart the Dreamtime without his powers. Instead, he directed the others of his kind to (temporarily) leave and descend to then barren and featureless Australia, within the Earth realm.

When Julunggul the Rainbow Serpent shed her skin, circa 10,000 years ago, Altjira collected it and turned it into a great vessel capable of sailing though the Dreamtime.

The Dreamtime is part of the Aboriginal faith.[1]

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Other instances of manifestation of subconscious exist, including:

  • Otherworld, the subconscious of the British Isles[9] (or at least that its geography is, in part, shaped by the British subconscious).[10]
  • Null is the collective unconsciousness of half a million S'raphh crying out for revenge upon the creation that denied their quest for meaning.[11]

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