The appropriately named Drearcliff Cemetery was a rather foreboding memorial park located in New York City. It became the site of an attempt by Madame Hydra’s HYDRA cell to murder Nick Fury and the Avengers by burying them alive, having gassed them all in a surprise attack.[1] Fortunately, Captain America (who had faked his death in an earlier battle with HYDRA) and Rick Jones separately followed them to the cemetery, where the duo’s own surprise attack quickly felled the assembled agents. The graveyard itself took some damage, first when the fuel tank of a motorcycle Cap had ridden to the scene exploded, and later a mausoleum was blown to bits by a small barrage of heat-seeking mini-missiles released by Madame Hydra, who apparently died in the explosion.[2]

Years later, another Drearcliff Cemetery – this one located in Chicago and apparently serving almost exclusively the city’s Jewish community – was also a site of violence rather than peace. Having come to Chicago for the funeral of his estranged father Rabbi Elias Spector, Marc Spector (in his identity of Steven Grant) snuck into the cemetery to visit his father’s grave only to find a gang of neo-Nazi punks vandalizing the tombstones. He defeated the punks easily, only to find it had all been a diversion to unearth and steal his father’s corpse, all part of a plan by a mad student of the rabbi’s to obtain Kabbalistic power.[3]

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