The Driver was a human sympathizer to the plight of the mutants who were being hunted down by the US Government's Genetic Purity Mandate. The Driver became a member of the Mutant Underground Support Engine (MUSE) which served as an underground railroad for mutants being rounded up for extermination. He met a woman named Hurricane during his tenure as the driver for the group. The Driver was thought to be the one who drove the persecuted mutants to the last stop on the railroad called Avalon.[1]

It was later revealed that the government had sabotaged the Driver's car and he was severely injured. An unknown party repaired his body, turned him into a cyborg and gave him a new mission. The Driver began abducting mutants and transcoding them into his computer system -- a process which destroyed the mutant's body. The Driver's end goal was to one day resurrect all the mutants he had transcoded. Whether this would have actually worked or if the cloned bodies would have been mindless automatons was never clarified. Junkpile inadvertently destroys the computer when he was injured by the Driver, rendering decades of the Driver's work meaningless.[2]

Doom later seized control of the Driver's cybernetic systems and used him to deliver a payload of nanobots that dissolved the Red House that Herod and his Captain America impostor ruled the nation from.[3]


The Nitroburn vehicle

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