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Drogin was a Cimmerian from a southern tribe. During his youth, he performed raids into the Hyborian Kingdoms and beheld some of the wonders that laid beyond Cimmeria.[1]

He was driven from them by a blood-feud. He wandered for some time, before moving northwest and settling to raise sons and grandsons.[1]

Drogin was already ancient by the time of his grandson Conan's birth. Too old for war, he wasn't yet ready for death, and was respected and feared above all, which made Conan proud. Conan considered that much of what he became, he owed Drogin, who taught him to hunt, wield axe and sword, "to be a man".[1]

Eventually, growing too old, Drogin walked alone, as was the way of their people, to die in the wilds, heading towards the Eiglophian Mountains. Conan followed him for some time in distance, and broke into screams and rage as he saw his grandsire seemingly wield to the snow.

Unware to Conan, Drogin wasn't yet dead. Sat and waiting for the end, Drogin remembered the glories of the southern countries, cursing himself for having not pushed further south, and of what life could had been. Ravenna appeared to him in an apparition, telling him of the sickness bounding him to his castle in the marsh and denying him the world (though Ravenna was in fact a high priest of an ancient race, now the last and lonely member of his kind). Ravenna offered to share Drogin's body, enabling himself to travel the world. Ravenna restored Drogin's youth and both traveled, from the Border Kingdoms to the Black Kingdoms, from Khitai to the Pictish Wilds. They involved themselves in the matters of kings and nations, explored ancient and evil-filled cities, tasted the fruits of womanhood and war. Eventually, all of it became dim to Drogin (trully because Ravenna sucked all emotion from the bodies he took), who was finally tired of life. Ravenna offered to release him if he could find a soul to replace him.

Years later, Drogin's voice came to haunt Conan as he traveled the Hyborian Lands with Jenna.One night, Drogin finally appeared before Conan, who attacked him, thinking him a hell-spawn, a ghost, a wood-sprite or a wizard's demon having taken the form of one he hold dear, but stopping his assault as he stared into the blazing eyes of Drogin, impossible to duplicate even for a wizard. He commanded Conan to follow him into a mystic gateway leading to his dwelling place, and brought him to Ravenna, apparently to fight in a series of challenges for the release of Drogin's soul, though really to take Conan as replacement. As Ravenna took over Conan, he let loose his grip on Drogin who returned to his former self and attacked Ravenna to save Conan. Ravenna expelled them both through the dimensional gateway to their point of origin, and Drogin apologized, before walking away in the wilds, this time fully accepting death.[1]

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