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Bred long ago by the Deviants to be a weapon against the Eternals, Dromedan was too powerful and was put down by his own people and sealed beneath the mountains of Peru, forced to wear a Neutralizer Helmet. He was found when Thor heard his telepathic cry for help, but Thor soon realized he was evil and sealed him up again. Dromedan was then released by Druig who thought he could control Dromedan with a special helmet. Dromedan broke free of Druig's control and it took the combined forces of Thor, Virako, Valkin, and Ajak to seal him up again.[1]

He later broke free again, but was captured by Zuras and sealed beneath New York City.[2]

He has surfaced twice more in the modern era. The first time he was defeated by Sersi, Makkari, Ikaris and Zuras.[3]

The second time, it took the combined efforts of the Thing, Black Panther, Ant-Man, Professor X, and Jubilee to replace his Neutralizer Helmet and seal him underground again.[4]


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Vast psionic powers, with sufficient telepathy to dominate the minds of several people and enough telekinesis to create a tidal wave. He was also physically large and powerful. Once apparently disintegrated by Ikaris, he was able to slip into a "comatose healing trance" until his body was restored.


Dromedan is rendered powerless by the Neutralizer Helmet.

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