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The creature Droom started life as a regular reptile called Droomedia Rex and was supposedly one of the most vicious of reptiles.

A scientist created a growth serum that increased the size of fruits and vegetables and wanted to show his findings to his friend who was a curator at a local museum. The curator had the Droomedia Rex reptile in his box when it escaped while the two men were talking about the growth serum. The lizard knocked over a vile and the growth serum splashed all over the reptile.

The creature started growing and growing until it reached a height of mountains. Droom started destroying the town and the local police and militia could not stop it. The Air Force tried to stop Droom with a nuclear bomb, but that failed when the creature snatched the plane from the sky.

Droom battling the Hulk

The military devised Plan X which involved thousands of soldiers. These men attached rockets that were powered by solar energy to Droom's feet as it was distracted by fighter jets. The military activated the countdown and Droom was launched into space where it stopped growing and drifted aimlessly in suspended animation.[1]

Later, Droom returned to Earth and for unknown reasons would both terrorize and protect Japan. He teamed up with Robotman to fight various other giant monsters.[2]

At some point, Droom was captured by the Collector and placed in his collection. After an attack by the Mole Man caused the freedom of several creatures, including Droom, they went on a rampage throughout New York City. They were defeated by the Hulk, the Beast, the Thing, and Giant-Man and placed in the Negative Zone by Mister Fantastic.[3]

Somehow, Droom returned to Earth from the Negative Zone and along with many other monsters attacked Tokyo due to the coming of the Apocalypse Beast. He was stopped by Iron Man, who Droom thought was Robotman and was accidentally killed by the Japanese army.[4]

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Droom has superhuman strength, allowing him to lift over a 100 tons, and superhuman durability, being able to withstand most conventional military weaponry. His sharp claws can cut through metal and concrete. He could also survive the vacuum of space by going into suspended animation.


Droom can comprehend instructions from others at a basic level.

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