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The Druffs are a race of asexually reproducing creatures from the world of Ryas in the Psori star system.[1]

Although not very intelligent the Druffs apparently have a religion of some kind and at least one nameless deity known as the Blessed-of-Litters. They reproduced (asexually) until multiple-moon eclipses, deemed by the Blessed-of-Litters.[2]

Skrull Invasion

The Druff homeworld was colonized by the invading Skrulls some 25,000 years ago.[1] The Skrull invasion was so thorough that the Skrull Gods Kly'bn and Sl'gur't sought to saw that any opposing alien deities were defeated and enslaved. Such was the fate of the Blessed-of-Litters.[2] This likely led to the Druff population exploding.

The Druffs soon became considered pests and routinely exterminated by the Skrulls when their populations go to big. The Druffs managed to spread to multiple worlds, including the Skrull homeworld of Tarnax VII by stowing away on space ships.[1]

At some point, some Druffs were absorbed into the Runestaff owned by the cosmic being known as the Possessor.[3]

Modern Age

The Fantastic Four had a brief encounter with the Druffs on their first trip to the Skrull home world before their battle against Emperor Dorrek and Warlord Morrat.[4] During the most recent Kree-Skrull War, the Skrull had kidnapped the Kree war hero Captain Marvel and his friends Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch of the Avengers. Seeking to force Marvel into building an Omni-Wave Projector to win the war, Emperor Dorrek placed Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch in a confinement containing various species of creatures. The pair were at risk of being smothered by the quickly reproducing Druffs until Captain Marvel surrendered, sparing their lives.[5] Ultimately, the Avengers and Marvel stopped the Kree-Skrull War.[6]

The Druffs absorbed into the Runestaff were briefly encountered by the Asgardians Odin, Sif and their human ally Keith Kincaid while searching for Thor's former lover Jane Foster who was also trapped within the Runestaff. Although they succeeded in freeing Jane, the fate of the Druffs and other aliens trapped within the Runestaff is unknown.[3] All the Druffs on the Skrull home world of Tarnax VII were slaughtered when the world devourer known as Galactus consumed that world.[7] Sometime later the demon known as Mephisto infected the Silver Surfer with the Hlavac Virus. This caused the Surfer to suffer hallucinations. Landing on the Druffs home world of Ryas, the Surfer mistook approaching Druffs as attackers and unleashed his Power Cosmic upon them. Shaking off the effects of the virus, the Surfer was horrified by the fact that he almost slaughtered helpless creatures and fled that world.[8]

When the Druffs were on the point of extinction due to overpopulation and their planet experiencing global warming, a new "god" send the Druffs resources to live and rebuild their society. They began worshipping this new deity, until Adam Warlock arrived crashing through their shrine. The Druffs mistook Warlock as the god, or at least his messenger. After they informed him about their god, Warlock investigated and discovered that this being posing as god wanted to use the defenseless Druffs as fighters in a war. Warlock destroyed the being and then put a protective aura around the Druffs' planet in order to keep them safe and still thinking that their god was still protecting them.[9]



Similar to Earth's


110% Earth standard


130% Earth density


Hundreds of billions


Type of Government


Level of Technology


Cultural Traits

Timid, with child-like intelligence who are easily tyrannized


Druffs live for approximately 3 years.

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