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Dubai is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates.


Deadpool tried to rob the Burj Khalifa but was forced to deal with a gang of corporate thieves who tried to kill him but he kept bouncing back even after being knocked out the window. He killed them all blowing up the office in the process. [1]

The First International Credit Union of Dubai was destroyed by Greithoth.[2] He was defeated by Hank Pym and the Avengers Academy but not before destroying half the city.[3]

Loki and Leah battled Nightmare accross the globe using mystical portals at one point the arrived in Dubai.[4]

Mr. Lucas was a dubious businessman and during a business meeting in Dubai, he was followed by Black Widow, who dispatched his bodyguards and confronted him. Black Widow forced him to stand by the window wearing a bulletproof vest, and used him as a bait, as she was actually hired to kill Lucas' assassin. When the sniper shot Vardir, Black Widow pinned his location and killed him with a bazooka from the distance.[5]

When Black Widow tried to find Chaos, unrevealed entity from the future gave him knowledge of upcoming events so Chaos can ensure their future came to happen.[6] He had her plan was thwarted by invisible Chaos agents, the Prophet abducted Natasha and took her to Dubai.[7] There, the Prophet tried to convince Natasha that Chaos only wanted to ensure a bright future for humankind, using Dubai as an example, which Chaos allegedly helped grow. She doubted of the Prophet's true intentions, and declined his offer to join them. He then teleported them to Moscow.[8]

Deadpool sent his team the Mercs for Money on missions around the globe. Stingray was sent to Dubai.[9]


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