Ducharme was a chinese woman who fell in love with a Si-Fan assassin named Pan Chen. After he failed on a mission to kill Denis Nalyand Smith and Dr. Petrie, he decided to flee with Ducharme rather than face his master Fu Manchu's wrath. They were caught by Fu Manchu and Ducharme was forced to watch her lover die. Heartbroken, she sought out Denis Nayland Smith who convinced her to infiltrate Fu Manchu's organization. Ducharme joined Fu Manchu and became one of his closest aides, ever since Shang-Chi had been a child. She was even given his age-prolonging elixir.[1]

She was revealed to be a double agent working for Denis Nayland Smith and was extracted by Leiko Wu.[2] However, Ducharme had actually changed sides and used her connection to Smith to infiltrate MI6 at Fu Manchu's command.[3]

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