Duncan was a star high school football player and classmate of many of the teenage X-Men at Bayville High. Always arrogant, Duncan often bullied those less popular and physically weaker than him like Todd "Toad" Tolensky. For a time, he dated the school's star athlete, Jean Grey but he often put himself before her. Duncan also had a competitive rivalry with fellow student Scott Summers, mainly due to Scott's jealousy of him dating Jean as well as him defending others from Duncan's reprehensible actions. [citation needed]

When Jean and Scott, along with other X-Men, were seen on live television fighting the Sentinel, the existence of mutants was discovered. As other normal humans stared to shun the mutant students, Duncan, very briefly, seemed to be sensitive to Jean being a mutant. When it was revealed that he thought her powers were a “problem” and wanted to use them to cheat on his tests, Jean ended their relationship. Duncan starts to blame Scott for the break-up and conspires to get him and the other mutants expelled by getting them to use their powers near school grounds. [citation needed]

The school's principal Edward Kelly gets Duncan to team up with the Brotherhood to attack the X-Men to provoke them into using the powers the same night a meeting was to decide their status at Bayville High. Despite their best efforts, the plan failed and the X-Men were able to go back to school full time. [citation needed]

Duncan graduates from Bayville High and finds employment at a mining company. He becomes very anti-mutant feeling that they are responsible for his troubles and are a powerful and dangerous threat to society. After Duncan and his friends intimidate and almost attack Sam and Amara, they run into Spyke who saves them from Duncan and destroys his car in the process. Duncan and his cronies retreat. [citation needed]

Even more angered than before, Duncan takes some mining lasers and explosive from the mining camp intent on going after Spyke and the Morlocks. Duncan and his cronies start to bomb the sewers to flush out Spyke. While Duncan and the others outnumbered Spyke, the Morlocks and X-Men assisted him. In the heat of battle Spyke is shot by Duncan, unaware of a mutant boy who nullified the energy of the weapons of Duncan’s group (as well as the powers of all the mutants in the area). [citation needed]

Duncan and his crew try to escape, but are caught and arrested by the police. [citation needed]


None, Human


Football Skills Duncan is a skilled football player from Bayville.

Strength level

Duncan possesses average strength and agility for a person his age, height and weight who engages in regular exercise.



  • Duncan is the replacement of Wolverine for being Cyclops's love rival for Jean Grey.

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