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Quote1 This numbnut calling himself the Human Adaptoid hates all superhumans. So what does he do? He gives himself the powers of one hundred bad guys-- --including the perpetuar cellular regeneration (taken from the gonads of yours truly) to help his body handle all the machismo. Quote2


The Warden of the Dungeon and the Dungeon Max Penitentiary was in charge of Absolution Solutions, a for-profit prison designed to hold superpowered individuals. In addition to detaining those with superpowers, the Absolution Solutions was experimenting on its detainees and learn to duplicate their powers.[2]

When Juggernaut attack the Dungeon, the Warden gave himself all the superpowers that Absolution Solutions had duplicated, turning himself into the Human-Adaptoid.[1] After defeating Deadpool and the Unstoppables, the Warden travelled to Krakoa to murder all the mutants.[4] Using the powers of Black Fog, the Warden infiltrated Krakoa then used the botanopathy powers of Plantman/Blackheath/Terraformer to create a flower that would release pollen that would place Krakoa and all its inhabitants into a deep sleep. Finally, the Warden used Morpheus' powers to telepathically smooth the sleeping mutants through their dreams.[3]

Juggernaut and Deadpool were able to intercept the Human-Adaptoid on Krakoa and crashed the A.I.M. Jumpship into him, but the Human-Adaptoid was unharmed by the crash. Fortunately, Juggernaut and Deadpool were able to distract the Human-Adaptoid long enough for Professor X to wake up D-Cel. With D-Cel's help, Juggernaut and Deadpool were able to defeat and kill the Human-Adaptoid.[5]



The Warden possess the duplicated superpowers of approximately 100 individuals including:


  • Cancer: Having absorbed Deadpool's DNA he also absorbed his cancer, which killed him as soon as he shut down his healing factor.[5]
  • Power Limitation: The Human-Adaptoid could not absorb Juggernaut's powers, possibly due to the fact that they are magic in nature.[4]


  • Like his elite guards, as the Human-Adaptoid the Warden may also have the powers of Toad in addition to the Swarm's powers.[2]
  • Juggernaut believes that the Warden also had the powers of Unus the Untouchable, but this has not been confirmed.[3]

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