Dungston was a small town in Iowa inhabited by humans and Skrulls living in harmony, with the latter using their abilities of shapeshifting to pass off as normal humans. These Skrulls originated from a splinter unit that deserted the Skrull Empire after having grown tired of its endless wars, wishing instead to live a quiet and peaceful life.[1]

Hawkeye and his allies, Red Wolf and Tilda Johnson, visited Dungston by chance after being forced to tow their van. Dungston's inhabitants became suspicious of his visit, and feared they had been discovered. Shortly afterwards, a group of Skrulls arrived to Dungston with the mission to exterminate those that were deemeed traitors of the empire at any cost.[2]

In the middle of a stand-off between the hunter unit, the heroes, and the townspeople, the Super-Skrull in charge of the hunter unit started rounding up Dungston's citizens. The intervention of Wheels Wolinski proved vital to the defeat of the hunters, as he used the combat programming of Hawkeye's van to take down the Super-Skrull. The distraction caused by Wolinski's interference gave the townspeople and the heroes the advantage necessary to fight back and defeat the remaining invaders.

When S.H.I.E.L.D. arrived to the scene, Hawkeye vouched for Dungston's people, to prevent the peaceful Skrull refugees from being arrested.[1]


  • Dungston was the largest producer of fertilizer in Iowa.[2]

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