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Dunwich Sanatorium was an asylum in or nearby Dunwich,[3] California.[2]


Dr. Swinson

Dr. Marshall Swinson ran it, providing hit-men for the mob[9] and for governments, manufacturing assassins, apparently involved in major events in History.

"Dr. Algernon J. Rottwell" / "Dr. Rot" (Bentley Newton) was one patient that was too violently unpredictable to work as an assassin. Dunwich's "incurable ward" was built just for him, but his insanity infected the whole building anyway. He eventually sparked a riot, took control of the staff among which he killed some.[6]

Dr. Rot

The others, including Dr. Swinson, were sent to the incurable ward, where he maimed and humiliated them. Rot did not pursue the killer factory plot, and produced only grotesque monsters out of his "patients". He used machines made of brains to control them.[6]

"Dr. Rot" led raids on the 8th Street Rescue Mission in San Francisco to harvest people.[6]

One year later, Wolverine, on an investigations on serial killers that had went in that same homeless shelter, and was captured while undercover there. He escaped one week later,[6] but with painful wounds.[10]


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