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Durok was created by Karnilla at the behest of Loki for no other reason than to destroy Thor. The only way the Silver Surfer could beat him was to transport him to a far distant future just before the "Big Crunch" and leave him there.[1]


Many years later, Loki traveled to a few seconds after Silver Surfer left and rescue Durok. He then tasked Durok, along with Fenris, to invade Vanaheim. Thor, Sif, Valkyrie, and Beta Ray Bill attempted to stop the two of them. During the fight, Durok killed Valkyrie, but Sif used Dragonfang to wound him. Thor then used chains to control Fenris and attack Durok. A weakened Durok was then killed by Thor who engaged him in a fist fight before striking him with a lightning bolt.[2]


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Durok is a being of immense physical power, capable of lifting well in excess of over 100 tons. He has overwhelmed both Thor and the Silver Surfer in battle and has demonstrated enough raw strength to crush the Silver Surfer's board with his bare hands.[3]

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