Duron was a member of King Kull's Red Slayers, a group the finest warriors of Valusia. Duron and a group of Slayers accompanied Kull and Brule on their journey to find the fabled temple of the Serpent-Men. While travelling through the thick jungles, the group was attacked by Serpent-Men finding in the canopy. During the ambush, Duron was stabbed in the side by a Serpent-Man's cult-knife.

Fearing a legend that stated that the spirit of those who died at the hand of a Serpent-Man would be forever damned to serve the reptiles in the afterlife, Duron begged Kull to take his life and spare his soul. Kull obliged, and slayed Duron with his sword.[1]

Powers and Abilities


As a Red Slayer, it can be assumed that Duron was well-versed in combat.



Had a set of armor, which included a shield, helmet, and chain mail.


Broad sword.


Rode a horse.

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