A bounty hunter named O.Z. Chase was hired to apprehend the Dazzler for a meta-human duo named Dust and Silence. The two needed Alison's light effects to awaken a latent drug in humans, giving them meta-human abilities. To coerce Alison, the villain Dust possessed the body of her father, Carter Blaire. However, Dust's abilities caused the slow breakdown in the organic matter of the host, ultimately killing Carter. Alison and O.Z. fought Dust in Carter's body, leaving him for dead, and searching for Barbara London, who was being held by his counterpart, Silence. Silence captured Alison, and forced her to use her mutant abilities for her goals. If she did not cooperate, Barbara would be killed. Luckily, a team of friends rescued Alison and Barbara, and Alison rechanneled her light energy as a concussive sound force to kill Silence. Alison then faked her own death to hide from the authorities and the press that so plagued her life.

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