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The Red Skull's most infamous personal weapon was his so-called "dust of death". It is a dust created by Red Skull with an unknown chemical composition, that kills his prey by making contact with the victim's skin, causing the skin on the victim's head to tighten, shrivel, and take on a red discoloration, while at the same time causing all the hair on the victim's head to fall out; as a result, the victim's corpse appears to have a "red skull"/"masque of the red death" for a head. The Red Skull would many times dispense "the dust of death" from a large cigarette holder, while appearing to have been smoking a cigarette immediately before blowing the "dust" at his intended victim. The Skull could also fire his "dust of death" from a special handgun. While committing murders with this weapon, the Skull often hummed, whistled, or played a tape recording of Chopin's funeral march, which was also the Skull's trademark music when he committed murders in the early 1940's.


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