The one handed criminal known as Hook learned how to make explosives in the military (which is likely how he may have lost a hand). After leaving the military, he started up a criminal career and formed his own gang. This gang was hired by Mr. Martin, a manager at Stacey Cleaners Inc., a successful cleaning business. Hook and his men terrorized the business's operations to make it look as though the competition was using dirty tactics to intimidate the owners of Stacey Cleaners. In reality, this was all a cover to allow Mr. Martin to throw off any connection in the explosion that killed Mr. Brown, the co-owner of Stacey Cleaners due to the fact that Brown refused to make him a third partner of the company.

Hook and his men would run afoul of the detective known as the Ferret who went after the crooks on two occasions. On the second such, Hook knocked the Ferret out and took him back to his apartment. Hook built a crude bomb to kill the detective, however the Ferret escaped and captured Hook and his men, as well as exposed Mr. Martin as the mastermind behind the entire plot.[2]


Hook was a capable bomb maker


Missing his left hand, Hook had a hook to assist him both as a prosthetic as well as an offensive weapon.


Hook had his own getaway car.


Hook used a pistol.

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