The 34th President of the United States. On Earth-9904, President Eisenhower became a target of the international terrorist Yellow Claw. Learning of the plot, FBI Agent Jimmy Woo would gather a group of heroes together called the Avengers. However, Yellow Claw's minions would succeed in capturing President Eisenhower and take him hostage. Woo would follow after the President's kidnappers and soon be captured himself. Both Ike and Woo would be rescued by the Avengers, who would defeat Yellow Claw's minions. Later at the White House, the President would ask that the Avengers disband to avoid public hysteria, however the group would continue to operate in secret. [1]

President Eisenhower's ultimate fate remains unrevealed, but it's likely that he was killed when Immortus used the Forever Crystal to erase Earth-9904 from existence. [2]


Eisenhower had a weak heart

  • In his appearance in What If? #9, Eisenhower makes a comment about how his heart might not be able to handle the strain of being kidnapped. This is historically accurate, as during his term in office President Eisenhower suffered a heart attack circa 1955.

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