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The Master of Vengeance was sent to Ryan Mental Hospital where, under the care of Dr. Tarantino, he was drugged into a manageable state. However, Faron eventually managed to fake taking his medication, and after a week, he regained his full power and mental acuity. He faked hanging himself, causing the guards to come rushing into his cell. He then ambushed and killed them, and Tarantino as well.

Faron located his spare costume, stored in the Port Authority Bus Terminal and set out after Spider-Man again. However, as soon as he hit the streets, he saw things which reminded him of his past life with his family. He decided to take vengeance on everything, and went on a rampage. Spider-Man was drawn to the site of the destruction and engaged the Master of Vengeance. After some struggle, Spider-Man ripped off his gloves and used them to blast him. That, combined with a punch, dropped the Master of Vengeance, and he was sent back to prison or another mental institution.[1]

Confused by the whole clone nonsense, the Master of Vengeance attacked the Steel Spider, mistaking him for the newest identity of the Scarlet Spider and/or the new Spider-Man. The villain assaulted the Steel Spider while he was doing publicity stunts at a street fair to raise money to help his girlfriend, Jane, pay to see a spinal specialist after her back had been injured. The Master of Vengeance attempted to overturn a full Ferris Wheel, and the Steel Spider held it steady, but was beginning to lose ground. Jane rammed the villain with her wheelchair. This knocked the Master off balance enough for the Steel Spider to get the drop on him, trapping him in a steel mesh web net. The Master of Vengeance was presumably sent back to prison or a mental hospital, never knowing he hadn't even fought the right guy.[2]

Powers and Abilities


The Master of Vengeance possesses super-human strength, durability, and speed. His madness gives him an intense drive to succeed and a phenomenal resistance to pain. His powers are dependent on his mental state and his chemicals. He initially needed to drink more and more of his serum during a battle to maintain his strength, although he seems to have overcome that. In addition, he is a deadly combatant when his confidence is maintained. However, when things turn against him, or if he is startled, he may slip into a panicked state, losing his cool and fleeing.


The Master of Vengeance apparently suffers from some form of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. His unstable mental state makes him an unpredictable foe.



The Master of Vengeance's suit enables him to manipulate electricity to some extent. He can form a static field enabling him to cling to or climb surfaces. He can discharge powerful electrical blasts. The suit apparently draws on ambient electrical activity to recharge itself.

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