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Impulse is a violent youth with a sarcastic sense of humor, falling into a street gang at an early age. Under circumstances yet to be revealed, he was approached by Harmon Furmintz of Genetech to undergo experiments that would grant him super powers. Joining his similarly powered teammates, he was a founding member of Psionex, capturing the New Warriors on behalf of Genetech. Impulse stayed with the team when they escaped Genetech, but ditched his team to join the battle when Furmintz became Terrax, fighting alongside the New Warriors and ultimately suffering a broken back at Terrax's hands.[1]

Although his spine eventually recovered, Dwight stayed in his wheelchair in order to avoid having to make any hard choices in his life. He initially spurned Gallante when he tried to put Psionex back together as a vigilante group, but when his sister was killed in neighborhood violence, Dwight rejoined Psionex as Impulse.[2]

Dark Reign

He later rejoined Psionex, who were made part of the Initiative as the Maryland team,[3] and participated to the H.A.M.M.E.R. assault on Asgard.[4]

Powers and Abilities


Impulse's reflexes and endurance were enhanced to superhuman levels, allowing him to run and perform actions at lightning speed.



Impulse's costume was outfitted with blades on his wrists, which were usually coated with a powerful knock-out drug.

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