Quote1 Dylan. I will be at your side at what is to come. I will protect you to the best of my ability. And I will never betray you... but I must ask one thing... when are you going to tell Eddie what you really are? Quote2
-- Sleeper src


After Anne Weying was mortally wounded by the Sin-Eater, Eddie Brock transferred the Venom symbiote to her in order to save her life - transforming her into the monstrous She-Venom; and for a moment they were simultaneously bonded to it, connected mentally and physically to each other.[1] After the symbiote returned to Eddie, it left a piece of itself called a codex within Anne, who later found herself suddenly and mysteriously pregnant and gave birth to a son she named Dylan - the symbiote codex that merged with a fetus incarnated in human form.[2][3] Traumatized by the experience, Anne left her infant son with his paternal grandfather Carl Brock, promising to return;[4] though she later committed suicide.[5] Despite raising Dylan as his own son and providing him with a degree of the love and affection he had refused Eddie, Carl was physically abusive towards his grandson - lashing out when angry and occasionally severely injuring him.[6]

Meeting Eddie

Dylan remained oblivious to the existence of his biological father for nine years, only encountering him when a badly-injured Eddie showed up at their doorstep pursued by purported government agents from Project Oversight. Frightened, Dylan asked his grandfather who the strange man begging for help was, but Carl told him that Eddie was no-one and to get inside their house.[7]

A month later, Eddie came to the Brock house seeking to make amends with their father but lost control of the Venom symbiote. Dylan later tracked Eddie down, believing him to be his older half-brother; and revealed that Carl had badly beaten him - presumably for pressing him for information on Eddie - and bitterly suggested that they kill their father.[8] Eddie agreed to help Dylan, but suffered a PTSD-induced hallucination and attacked him. Stopping before he could harm Dylan, Eddie collapsed into a coma. Dylan called an ambulance and accompanied Eddie to the hospital, where he encountered the Maker and learned that Eddie was possibly dying of cancer. When the Maker announced his intent to potentially kill Eddie by removing the Venom symbiote, Dylan fled to find help only to run into Carl - who had been contacted by the authorities to pick him up. Terrified of being beaten, Dylan refused to obey Carl's order to come with him and was chased through the hospital by his furious grandfather, who cornered him in a janitorial closet.[9]

Carl took Dylan and forced him into his car, much to the boy's anger. Dylan and his grandfather argued about their views on Eddie, with Dylan respecting and admiring Eddie for not whitewashing who he was. His back-talk enraged Carl, who prepared to strike him, but he was stopped by the Venom symbiote, who sought redemption for its actions. The alien biomass left Carl in a desert and returned Dylan to the hospital, telling him that it wanted to be better, and that "they" would be better off without it. Confused due to thinking Eddie was inside it, Dylan returned to the room he'd last seen Eddie in, finding it in ruins and Eddie on the ground. After Eddie awoke, Dylan told Eddie what had happened and that the symbiote saved him. Worried, he then asked Eddie where the symbiote had gone.[10]

Absolute Carnage

Dylan journeyed to New York with Eddie just in time for the world to become embroiled in the War of the Realms, taking shelter in Rex Strickland's warehouse.[11] Dylan bonded with Eddie some more after coming down with a cold,[12] but the peaceful days didn't last for long.

Realizing they were being hunted, Eddie informed Dylan of his longtime nemesis Carnage - who had bonded to an offshoot of the primordial Grendel symbiote and was trying to unleash the imprisoned dark god Knull by consuming the codexes of other symbiote hosts. Rescued from Carnage by the Venom symbiote, which rebonded to Eddie, Dylan was introduced to his father's longtime rival Spider-Man, who he took an immediate dislike to. Taken back to Rex Strickland's warehouse, Dylan was introduced to the Maker - an evil version of Reed Richards from a parallel universe, and Spider-Man's godson Normie Osborn - who had been bonded to the Carnage symbiote by his grandfather Norman Osborn.[13]

Left in the Maker's care while Spider-Man and Venom went to retrieve Norman, Dylan quickly befriended Normie and vehemently refused to let the Maker test his codex-extraction machine on him. When the Riot, Agony, Phage, and Lasher symbiotes attacked, Dylan took Normie to the warehouse's fortified armory. Cornered by Phage, Dylan put himself between Normie and the symbiote; but they were rescued by Sleeper, the Venom symbiote's most-recent spawn.[14] Sleeper tried to transfer to Dylan, but was subdued and captured by the Maker, who decided to kill it alongside is siblings with his machine despite Dylan's protests. When Dylan unleashed the Life Foundation symbiotes in an attempt to stop him, Sleeper was left trapped and powerless to help as the Life Foundation symbiotes merged back into Hybrid and took over the Maker. Hybrid started to chase down Dylan, but was defeated by Captain America alongside Spider-Man, the Thing, and Wolverine. Dylan freed Sleeper, which attempted to bond to him but was repelled when Dylan's symbiote powers activated. Forcibly seizing control of Sleeper, Dylan had it transform into a giant wolf and douse Hybrid with napalm, which was set ablaze by the newly arrived Hawkeye. While Normie's codex was removed, Dylan reconciled with Sleeper and was delighted to see Eddie return safely.[15]

When Dark Carnage and his horde attacked, Eddie left Dylan and Normie in Spider-Man's care and instructed them to use the tunnels to escape.[16] Pursued by the Carnageized Norman Osborn, Dylan and Normie hid while Spider-Man attempted to fend him off; winning with surreptitious assistance from the centipede-demon Kindred.[17] However, Spider-Man fell unconscious and Norman's offshoot of the Carnageized Grendel symbiote separated from him and attacked Dylan and Normie. Dylan's powers activated, enabling him to repel and kill it before falling unconscious.

Eddie (who had bonded to a symbiote formed from the S.C.I.T.H.E.-extracted codices) and Dark Carnage (who had absorbed the Venom symbiote) fell through the roof of the tunnel, the serial killer grabbing Dylan and telling Eddie that he could either let him claim Dylan's codex or kill him to save Dylan and reclaim the Venom symbiote, but either way he would "complete the circle" and Knull would be unleashed. Unwittingly revealing that Dylan was his son, Eddie manifested a Necrosword from his symbiote and killed Dark Carnage, absorbing both the Venom and Grendel symbiotes. After regaining consciousness, Spider-Man left with Normie, and Dylan and Eddie rested for a moment. Staring blankly ahead in shock, Dylan asked if he was really Eddie's son.[18] Dylan then told Eddie that he needed to check on Normie, but Eddie knew that it was an excuse. Dylan then started crying, blaming Eddie for abandoning him and left him at the abuse of Carl. Eddie, who also started crying, hugged Dylan, apologizing and promising to Dylan that he would never abandon him again, before leaving the place.[3]

Venom Island and Beyond

Dylan Brock (Earth-616) and Carnage V (Klyntar) (Earth-616) from Web of Venom The Good Son Vol 1 1 001

Dylan using Carnage to attack Normie

Dylan began living with Normie at Harry Osborn and Liz Allan's house, but he began suffering from nightmares of Knull;[19] recording his nightmares and visions in a journal.[20] Dylan eventually regained his senses, and decided to help his dad in defeating Knull. Using his power on the offshoot, he was able to see through the eyes of the merged Carnage and Venom symbiotes, watching as Carnage was hunting Eddie.[21] After the symbiotes were separated from a lightning, Carnage got hold of Eddie and bonded to him with the intention of using Eddie to kill his loved ones. Dylan wanting to help his father, unintentionally created a portal out of the Carnage offshoot. Upon going through the portal, Dylan was able to possess and communicate with the Venom symbiote, turning the symbiote into a the form of a Tyrannosaurus rex in order to free Eddie from Carnage.[22] During the fight, Dylan entered the mind of malevolent symbiote where he found his father caged. Dylan admitted to his father about his powers and tried free him, but Carnage shoved Dylan out of the portal causing Dylan to fall off the roof. Luckily, Sleeper catched him, despite the pain Dylan was causing to it, and told Dylan to sever from the Hive mind. Initially he refused, but Eddie encouraged Dylan to keep fighting and he will always be with him. Dylan then used his powers to destroy Carnage's offshoot causing the main body of the symbiote to leave Eddie's body. Afterwards Dylan was reunited with his dad.[23]

Eddie and Dylan, wanting to know what to do with Dylan's powers, returned to the Maker in order for him to check Dylan. However, Maker refused, since he already got what he needed from Venom and revealed to them that he bonded to his universe's Venom symbiote. However, Virus attacked them, intending to get his revenge on Eddie. This caused Maker's interdimensional portal to suck all of them and send Dylan, Eddie with Venom symbiote, and Virus into a universe where it was ruled by symbiotes.[24] As Dylan's mind was overwhelmed by the interaction with this new Hive, Eddie was again attacked by Virus, prompting this universe's Avengers to arrive and capture them. Venom and Dylan managed to evade them and hid themselves in the sewers where they met the Underground resistance, a group of people who symbiote suits resembled that of Agent Venom and were what was left of humanity.[25]

Quote1 It is my job to thread the needle between the two worlds. The new and the old are one in me. I will spread your thick black limbs upon the world that sleeps. I will do it all for you. I will only rest when we all sing your name. Knull. Quote2
--Dylan Brock[src]

Like his father, Dylan possesses a strong sense of justice, scolding Eddie for not correcting a waiter who'd assumed he was a war veteran after being told he had PTSD.[6] He also expressed admiration towards Eddie for acknowledging he was a bad person and trying to better himself, rather than being in denial about it like his paternal grandfather.[10] Despite initially not getting along with Normie Osborn, Dylan became fiercely protective of him - refusing to let the Maker experiment on him and putting himself between Normie and Phage.[14]

Under Knull's influence, Dylan became manipulative and cruel, threatening others with his offshoot of the Carnage symbiote and eventually pledging to spread the dark god's worship and kill anyone who opposed him.[20] Although, he eventually regained his senses and decided to turn on Knull, and help Eddie in defeating him.[21]


Human/Symbiote Hybrid Physiology: Dylan outwardly appears to be a normal human boy, but is actually a piece of the Venom symbiote incarnated in human form.[2] Dylan was initially unable to consciously control his powers, which would activate instinctually under moments of extreme stress - such as when his life is being endangered by enemy symbiotes.[26] However, with practice and instruction from Knull, Dylan eventually became able to consciously utilize them.[20] When Dylan's powers are activated, his eyes turn from having blue irises and white sclerae to being black, sometimes with tendrils emerging from the outer corners,[27] and with white or red spirals in place of his pupils and irises.[18][20]

  • Symbiote Domination: Dylan is able to sense symbiotes;[28] and when his powers are activated he is able to forcibly repel symbiotes attempting to bond to him.[29][23] He can forcibly control them against their will,[26] and is also able to easily kill symbiotes that are threatening his life.[18] Dylan is unable to bond to symbiotes,[21] and attempting to do so or even being in contact with them when his powers are active causes them excruciating pain.[27] However, Dylan is able to remote-pilot symbiotes by connecting to the Symbiote Hive - something only Knull was previously capable of.[23]


Knull: As a half-symbiote, Dylan is susceptible to Knull's influence.[20]


  • Dylan Brock is nine years old according to the solicit for Venom Vol 4 #15. However, Zac Thompson stated on Twitter that Dylan is around twelve years old and a few years older than Normie Osborn, despite Normie having been born sometime before Peter Parker - let alone Eddie Brock or Anne Weying - bonded to the Venom symbiote.[31]
  • The Maker's theory that Dylan was a symbiote codex merged with a fetus is flawed, as Anne was not pregnant prior to him being conceived.[10]
  • Web of Venom: The Good Son #1 shows Dylan succumbing to Knull's influence over the course of several days and joining his cult; but this is contradicted by the events of Venom Island, making the canonicity of The Good Son ambiguous.
  • He considered Spider-Man to be a "menace."[13]
  • According to the Maker's theory regarding symbiotes spawning, Dylan was "spawned" in response to the threat posed by Knull being unleashed.[3]
  • He doesn't follow the paternal family tradition of not putting ketchup on hotdogs.[32]

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