After Anne Weying was mortally wounded by the Sin-Eater, Eddie transferred the Venom symbiote to her in order to save her life - transforming her into the monstrous She-Venom; and for a moment they were simultaneously bonded to it, connected mentally and physically to each other.[1] After the symbiote returned to Eddie, Anne found she was suddenly and mysteriously pregnant, and gave birth to a son she named Dylan. Traumatized by the experience, Anne left her infant son with his paternal grandfather Carl Brock, promising to return;[2] though she later committed suicide.[3] Despite raising Dylan as his own son and providing him with a degree of the love and affection he had refused Eddie, Carl was physically abusive towards his grandson - lashing out when angry and occasionally severely injuring him.[4]

Dylan remained oblivious to the existence of his biological father for nine years, only encountering him when a badly-injured Eddie showed up at their doorstep pursued by purported government agents from Project Oversight. Frightened, Dylan asked his grandfather who the strange man begging for help was, but Carl told him that Eddie was no-one and to get inside their house.[5]

A month later Eddie came to the Brock house seeking to make amends with their father but lost control of the Venom symbiote. Dylan later tracked Eddie down, believing him to be his older half-brother; and revealed that Carl had badly beaten him - presumably for pressing him for information on Eddie - and bitterly suggested that they kill their father.[6] Eddie agreed to help Dylan, but suffered a PTSD-induced hallucination and attacked him. Stopping before he could harm Dylan, Eddie collapsed into a coma. Dylan called an ambulance and accompanied Eddie to the hospital, where he encountered the Maker and learned that Eddie was possibly dying of cancer. When the Maker announced his intent to potentially kill Eddie by removing the Venom symbiote, Dylan fled to find help only to run into Carl - who had been contacted by the authorities to pick him up. Terrified of being beaten, Dylan refused to obey Carl's order to come with him and was chased through the hospital by his furious grandfather, who cornered him in a janitorial closet.[7]

Carl took Dylan and forced him into his car, much to the boy's anger. Dylan and his grandfather argued about their views on Eddie, with Dylan respecting and admiring Eddie for not whitewashing who he was. His back-talk enraged Carl, who prepared to strike him, but he was stopped by the Venom symbiote, who sought redemption for its actions. The alien biomass left Carl in a desert and returned Dylan to the hospital, telling him that it wanted to be better, and that "they" would be better off without it. Confused due to thinking Eddie was inside it, Dylan returned to the room he'd last seen Eddie in, finding it in ruins and Eddie on the ground. After Eddie awoke, Dylan told Eddie what had happened and that the symbiote saved him. Worried, he then asked Eddie where the symbiote had gone.[8]

Like his father, Dylan possesses a strong sense of justice, scolding Eddie for not correcting a waiter who'd assumed he was a war veteran after being told he had PTSD.[4] He also expressed admiration towards Eddie for acknowledging he was a bad person and trying to better himself, rather than being in denial about it like his paternal grandfather.[8]

He considered Spider-Man to be a "menace."[9]

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