Dynamic Man started out as an android created by the brilliant scientist Professor Goettler. However, when the professor threw the switch to bring life to Dynamic Man, the excitement was too much for him, and he died. Dynamic Man resolves to use his amazing powers for the betterment of humanity, and flies away to civilization. He became an F.B.I. agent using the alias Curt Cowan. When not working for the F.B.I., he would don a costume and become the superhero Dynamic Man.

The Twelve

Dynamic Man is among the heroes that fought the Nazi and while infiltrating a base, he is among the Twelve heroes captured and put in suspended animation.

During a battle with the Nazis during Elbe Day, the Phantom Reporter narrates, "Dynamic Man said you couldn't throw a rock without hitting somebody in a mask and tights. 'And those are just the pansies in the German army,' he said, then added-- 'They'd probably run even faster if they weren't wearing those stiletto heels.' Curt was always saying things like that. He made a point of saying them. Which made some of us wonder if maybe it was D.M. who had something besides his costume hidden deep in his closet." Dynamic Man also displays a particularly homophobic attitude towards the flamboyant Blue Blade. He also shows a possible racist side, when upon catching a black man he thought was robbing a white woman, only for the white woman to tell Dynamic man that was her husband, he immediately leaves, without catching the actual thief. In a quick interview, Dynamic Man calls J. Edgar Hoover a man's man (perhaps an intentional irony because Hoover's enemies have spread the rumor that he reportedly liked to dress up in women's clothes). He becomes increasingly colder with time, seeking fame and recognition, and stressing his status as the Man of Tomorrow. His homophobia increases to the point of threatening a gay supporter with bodily harm.


Dynamic Man, being an android, was impervious to nearly everything except for a rare substance known as lantholum. He could also fly and possessed super-strength, superhuman intelligence, x-ray vision, and shape-shifting. In addition to this, he could use magnetic fields to repel bullets and yank guns from the hands of criminals.




His costume was green with a black belt and four yellow lightning bolts on his chest, the top two diagonal on his upper chest, the other two horizontal across the lower part of his chest.

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