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Lord Dyvyne is one of the most powerful business-creatures of Halfworld. He employed the services of Blackjack O'Hare and his mercenary group the Black Bunny Brigade in order to capture the Felisian princess, Lynx and bring her to Man-Beast so they can claim the bounty on her head. As they were making their way there they came across a seemingly derelict cargo ship within the trade route that Dyvyne was on. He was interested to see if the ship had any valuables on it so he had Blackjack tow the craft into the main shuttle bay. Unbeknownst to him, Rocket Raccoon, Groot and Wal Rus were secretly hiding on the ship.

Rocket made he was down to the prison section to rescue Lynx, but needed Wal Rus's help to get the security code to unlock the door to free her. Later as a big scuffle between Rocket, Lynx and the bunny brigade erupted on the ship Dyvyne managed to overpower the to two of them. He was so glad to see Rocket as Man-Beast also had a bounty on him to, and if he was able to deliver both of them, the bounty would become so high Dyvyne would have his choice of control over any trade route he wanted. During his little speech, Groot and Wal Rus interrupted the little reunion taking out one bunny soldier after another until they were able to make it back to their ship to escape leaving Dyvyne empty-handed.[1]

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