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Ea is a member of the Annunaki, a race of beings who served as gods to the various tribes of Ancient Mesopotamia. Ranking third in power behind Anu and Dagon, Ea often appeared on Earth as a fish-man. He was served by a race of fish-like creatures and often helped ancient humans by giving them technology and agriculture. Ea also tried to prevent Dagon from sending a flood to punish ancient mortals. He also took a part in slaying Apsu from destroying the Annunaki.[6]



  • In Sumerian mythology, Ea is the brother of Anu instead of his son. This can be attributed to both Anu and Anshar being known as An.
  • In Sumerian mythology, Ea lost his worship rites to the god Dagon. As a result, Late Sumerian and Phoenician images often picture Dagon as a fish-tailed god.

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