Eagle was a Native American student attending Westfield High School during the 1940's and was part of the school football team. In 1941, his team included Derrick Dawes, Butch, as well as twins Wally and Tom Danger. Playing together, the team won a series of victories in their region, and after they defeated Bark Ridge High, they decided to chum together as the so-called Tough Kid Squad.

Soon after, the group was captured by the evil scientist Dr. Klutch who sought to extract a formula that was in the blood streams of Tom and Wally Danger that could boost a human's abilities to their peak. As Klutch took them to his hideout, he and his gang got in a fire fight with a rival gang. Klutch and his mob survived and captured the Tough Kid Squad and took them the rest of the way to his hideout. There, Eagle and the others were locked in a room while Klutch examined the Danger brothers. Escaping the room, Eagle and his friends freed the Dangers and once more attempted to flee, burning Klutch's hideout. In escaping, they faced Klutch's bodyguard who was empowered with Wally's blood. In order to escape the burning house, Eagle was forced to tie a cat to a stick and wield it as a club. The unusual weapon frightened Komba so much that he dropped dead in fear. Despite this minor victory, the group was captured once again.

Taken to another one of Klutch's hideouts, Eagle and the others were locked in the "Vault of Oblivion" to be crushed by its enclosing ceiling. Butch and the others dug their way out and held Klutch and his men at gun point until Eagle arrived with police to arrest them.[1]

Eagle's subsequent activities are unknown.


Eagle is an adequate football player. He is also brilliant in coming up with unorthodox methods of dealing with problems.

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