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The nexus of the Multiverse,[2] Earth-001 was once home to numerous gods. The elder goddesses Gaea and Oshtur tasked their daughters Shathra and Neith with creating a means of mapping and monitoring the Multiverse. Shathra designed a crude construct she called the Great Hive, while Neith produced an intricate network she dubbed the Great Web. Gaea and Oshtur chose Neith's design, which was woven and maintained by the Spider-Totems; while Shathra became consumed by hatred and jealousy, devolving into a monstrous wasp-themed dark goddess and dedicating herself to killing and consuming all the Spiders.[3]

In time, the Web of Life and Destiny came to be housed in a temple called Loomworld, overseen by a powerful spider-totem called the Master Weaver. A clan of Totem Hunters led by Solus attacked Loomworld and took the Master Weaver captive, forcing him to help them travel the Multiverse hunting the avatars of the Spider-Totems to consume their essence.[1] To combat them, the Great Web chose the Peter Parker of Earth-616 to become the host of the bloodthirsty Spider-Totem called the Other, though he eventually rejected this responsibility and it was passed down to his aggressive clone Kaine.[4] As the Inheritors conquered numerous universes, they merged chunks of them into Loomworld to create a patchwork city.[5]

Loomworld was freed from the Inheritors by a multiversal army of totemic avatars, though the Master Weaver was murdered by the Superior Spider-Man and revealed to be the future self of the repentant Inheritor Karn. With Karn taking over the mantle to complete the time-loop, the Web-Warriors were established to protect the universes whose Spiders had been slain,[6] with Loomworld eventually being restored to its original state.[7]

Loomworld and the Web of Life were destroyed by the Spider-Man of Earth-44145, though the Great Web was slowly repaired by Spiderling -- avatar of the spider-totem called the Patternmaker, and Spider-Zero -- who took over the role of the Master Weaver following Karn's second death.[8][9][10]



  • While it is possible that Earth-001 and Earth-1 are the same reality, it is also high unlikely, as the latter existed prior to the former's redesignation, and if they were intended to be the same, then the former would simply have been reassigned the exact same number, but instead was provided a deliberate difference.
  • Due to Earth-001 being the nexus of the Multiverse, time does not move in a strictly linear fashion.[6]


  • This reality was originally referred to as "Earth-000" in its first appearance in Superior Spider-Man #33. Further appearances corrected the numeration to "Earth-001."

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