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The first known findings of mutant activity occurred in Ancient Egypt, when a young boy named En Sabah Nur telekinetically built a pyramid by himself.[1] This mutant eventually became pharaoh, and even later became worshiped as a god. However, with power, came many enemies. En Sabah Nur's reign was put to an end when a coup and an attempted assassination attempt by his many followers led to him being buried alive within his fallen pyramid.[2]


Following this, mutantkind adapted to remain hidden among the members of human society, as to not be cast out or even eradicated. This didn't stop mutants from discreetly using their abilities to help them in their selected career paths, as some fought as soldiers and worked as scientists.[3][4] Additionally, John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States of America, was also a mutant.

However, not all mutants were happy living in fear of those who would oppress them. The Hellfire Club, a group of these mutants led by Sebastian Shaw, sought to change the natural order by starting a nuclear war between countries that would end humankind, leaving mutants to inherit the world. Driven to maintain the peace, Charles Xavier teamed up with Shaw's enemy Erik Lehnsherr to form together the X-Men. The X-Men defeated Shaw and prevented nuclear war, but Lehnsherr and a few other mutants broke off into their own sect, for they had a different vision for the future of mutantkind.[4]


The revelation of the existence of mutantkind to the government changed the direction of science and technology. Scientist and businessman Bolivar Trask was driven by the belief that mutants would one day become the dominant species, leaving humankind to go extinct. Trask began work on the Sentinel program, a line of robotic weapons designed to hunt down and kill mutants in preparation for that day. However, in experimenting on mutants for this program, Trask caught the attention of former X-Man Mystique, who assassinated Trask for his disregard for mutant life. Following Trask's asassination, President Richard Nixon decided to activate the Sentinel program for further development.[1]


Mutant experimentation continued on into the 1980s, with Major William Strkyer experimenting on many mutants for his Weapon X program during this decade. Stryker orchestrated a series of events that led mutant operative James "Logan" Howlett to willfully volunteer to become a test subject. Due to his regenerative healing factor, Logan survived process and emerged with an Adamantium-laced skeleton. Once Logan found out about Stryker's manipulations, he put an end to him and his Weapon X program.[3]


Xavier, now the headmaster of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, and Lehnsherr, now leading the Brotherhood of Mutants, were put into their first major conflict with one another when Lehnsherr revealed that he possessed a machine that could turn humans into mutants. Logan and his newfound travel companion Rogue, a mutant with the ability of power absorption, were caught in the conflict, because Rogue was the key to starting Lehnsherr's machine. Logan, going by the codename Wolverine, and the modern incarnation of the X-Men were able to defeat the Brotherhood and save Rogue.[5]

Stryker, still seeking to have control over mutants, orchestrated an assassination attempt on the President through the use of a mindcontrolled mutant teleporter named Kurt Wagner. Stryker used the President's distress over the situation to order a raid of Xavier's School. Stryker captured many mutants and learned the way to build his own Cerebro because of this. Realizing they have a common enemy in Stryker, the X-Men and the Brotherhood united their forces to put and end to him. While Stryker was killed in the end, Jean Grey had to sacrifice her life so that the X-Men could escape Stryker's research facility.[6]

A new threat exposed itself to mutantkind when scientists created a way to suppress the mutant gene after it had already been manifested. "The Cure" stirred a lot of controversy between both humankind and mutantkind, with some mutants opting to take it, while other mutants scorned those who did. Lehnsherr's Brotherhood grew tremendously when he rallied many mutant activists groups to his cause. The X-Men tried to maintain the peace, but this was challenged when Jean Grey returned as the cataclysmic force known as the Phoenix. Many sides fought to have her on their side, which only angered the Phoenix force more, resulting in the deaths of Xavier and a few more. In the end, the X-Men were able to break the ranks of the Brotherhood and Wolverine was able to destroy the Phoenix by killing Jean.[7]


Following this, Wolverine remained with the X-Men for a time, before going off on his own once again. He was summoned to Japan by Yashida, a former soldier who was hoping to thank Logan for saving his life in World War II. However, Wolverine stumbled upon a plot to steal him of his healing factor and came into conflict with many factions vying for control over the Yashida Corporation. Despite being more susceptible to injury and fatality, Wolverine overcame all opponents with the help of Yukio, and set off from Japan to adventure with her.[8]


The commission of the Sentinel Mk X led to the almost complete annihilation of mutants. The only resistance was led by the Free Mutants, who utilized Kitty Pryde ability to send people's minds back through time to evade capture. The X-Men conjured up the plan to send Wolverine back in time to the 1970s, in order to prevent the Sentinel program from ever being commissioned. Wolverine was successful in his attempt, which led to the creation of a new timeline.[1]

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