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The Cancerverse is a reality where life finally defeated Death. With eternal life being fueled by the Many-Angled Ones, every living being in this universe was corrupted and turned to their servitude, resulting in a universe-wide living corpse.


Early years

The Many-Angled Ones had already begun to extend their influence at a significant extent (comparatively to Reality-616).[2]

Apart from that fact, Reality-10011 was seemingly similar to Reality-616, until its corruption of her reality by the Many-Angled Ones, including seemingly identical heroes and teams, the Kree, the birth of Franklin Richards, Crystal and the Human Torch dating,[3] and eventually, the turning point of that reality, Mar-Vell dying from cancer.[2]

Mar-Vell's Corruption

Before the death of Captain Marvel, with no cure (scientific or magical) to save him, his terminal condition caused such distress among the people who adored him,[2] all across the universe,[1] and the empathic trauma was sensed by the Many-Angled Ones. They reached to the dying Mar-Vell to give him one simple truth: "Even Death may die."[2] While Avengers, Defenders, X-Men, Fantastic Four, and other heroes were present for a vigil at his deathbed at that point.[1]

Mar-Vell transmuted his closest allies, among them the Avengers (now the Revengers), the Defenders (or Defenders of the Realm),[1] the X-Men (or Ex-Men),[4] the Fantastic Four (now the Ftaghn Four).[3]

Despite the opposition of many, including seemingly at least members of the Machine Resistance, the corrupted heroes performed a ritual know as the Necropsy, sacrificing the Avatar of Death[2] on the spacecraft Sanctuary,[1] and consequently annihilating Death itself, and allowing the Many-Angled ones to fully enter this universe.[2]

Earth's heroes, now zealous worshipers and servants of the Many-Angled Ones and Outer Gods, were transformed and enhanced by the gifts of their masters,[5] who turned them demonic upon infusion their ancient power.[1] Due to its great powers, Franklin Richards became the host of many of the Elder Gods.[3]

At an undefined point in their conquest, the Many-Angled Ones also corrupted the Inhumans (at least Crystal),[3] and the Kree, including Ronan who joined the Revengers.[6]

Filling the universe with their corruption, making of it a bloated and deathless corpse, the forces of the Many-Angled Ones decapitated Galactus and weaponized his head into the "Galactus Engine".[1]

The Fault

Following the launching of the T-Bomb by the Inhumans of Earth-616 and its subsequent detonation during a battle between that universe's Black Bolt and Vulcan, a breach (known as the Fault) was formed, creating a bridge to this corrupted universe. Several expeditions by entities of Earth-616 led to numerous encounters with the entities of the Cancerverse, including the Revengers and the Ex-Men.[citation needed]

Upon discovering the vast room to expand in that universe, the forces of the Cancerverse launched a campaign to invade Earth-616 and rid it of its concept of Death. Led by Lord Mar-Vell, the Cancerverse forces struck against the combined might of the Shi'ar, the Kree, the Nova Corps, and an assorted group of cosmic beings (including Galactus, Aegis, and Tenebrous); captured the anomalous Namorita, who had been saved by Nova during his brief encounter with the Sphinx; and looked for Thanos, the avatar of Death, so they could perform a ritual to destroy the abstract being. Meanwhile, the Guardians of the Galaxy invaded the Cancerverse alongside Thanos, fighting against numerous protectors of the Cancerverse, such as the Defenders, and briefly allying themselves with the last vestiges of good in this universe: the Machine Resistance, led by the Vision.[citation needed]

Discovering the avatar of Death to be in his home reality, Mar-Vell returned alongside the Revengers for a final confrontation with the Guardians and Thanos. After a short fight, Thanos submitted to Mar-Vell, begging to be killed by him. Mar-Vell then performed the ritual to destroy Death on Thanos but ended up inadvertently summoning Death herself into the Cancerverse. Death then proceeded to kill many of the Cancerverse inhabitants and cripple their masters for aeons.[7]

However, due to Earth-616's Death not applying to this universe, the Cancerverse could not be destroyed. Consequently, the Revengers were brought back to life and tried to use a Cosmic Cube in possession of Star-Lord, who stayed in the Cancerverse with Nova (Rich Rider) and Drax the Destroyer to prevent Thanos from returning to their universe, to invade Earth-616 again, but Thanos was able to seize it from them.[8] Rider was able to take the Cosmic Cube back and used it to become a portal and send Drax, Star-Lord, and Thanos back home, while entrapping himself in the Cancerverse.[9]

Takeover by Worldmind

Alone, Richards was killed over and over by the Cancerverse's forces, until he sacrificed the entire Nova Force and the Xandarian Worldmind to power the Cosmic Cube and return home. Abandoned, the Xandarian Worldmind adapted to its surroundings by becoming one with it.[10]


Joseph Ledger of Earth-TRN852 traveled to Reality-10011 and ended up in the Necro-System. After learning of the Many-Angled Ones, he absorbed the entire reality into his Power Prism. When it suited him, he could unleash aspects of the reality from the prism, such as when he fired weaponized cancer at Star Brand.[11]

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