While Valerie Cooper was elected president and led a government looking for the peace and cooperation between the two races. In order to achieve that goal, she first by shut down the trade embargo with Genosha, and then called for a peace summit, where she was killed by the Friends of Humanity along Magneto and Quicksilver.

As the vice-president Carl Denti adopted Cooper' politics against the opinion of his cabinet, he called for a new summit, where the X-Men were representatives of mutantkind. Professor X was also appointed as Genosha's leader by Magneto's testament, a wish accepted by both Genoshans and X-Men.

Meanwhile, the Friends of Humanity, having taken the responsibility of the assassinations, vowed that violence will continue, while Xavier came out of the closet and designate himself as a mutant.

The X-Men are now became Xavier's bodyguards, instead of mutantkind's.

As the submit is organized in the same conference hall where died Cooper, Magneto and Quicksilver, the X-Men are aware of the great danger that might be coming.


There is some incertitude over the identification of Psylocke and Frenzy, thought to be respectively Jubilee and Rogue by the Marvunapp[1] but Psylocke[2] and Frenzy[3] for the Marvel Database wikia editors.

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