Professor's Secret Service
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Earth-Professor's Secret Service
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Valerie Cooper was elected president and led a government looking for the peace and cooperation between humans and mutants. In order to achieve that goal, she first shut down the trade embargo on Genosha, and then called for a peace summit. There she was killed by the Friends of Humanity, along with Magneto and Quicksilver.

As the vice-president Carl Denti adopted Cooper' politics against the opinion of his cabinet, he called for a new summit, where the X-Men would act as representatives of mutantkind. Professor X was also appointed as Genosha's leader by Magneto's last will and testament, a wish accepted by both Genoshans and X-Men.

Meanwhile, the Friends of Humanity, having taken responsibility for the assassinations, vowed that violence would continue, while Xavier came out of the closet and designated himself as a mutant.

The X-Men became Xavier's bodyguards rather than mutantkind's.

While the summit was organized in the same conference hall where Cooper, Magneto, and Quicksilver died, the X-Men were aware of the great danger that might be coming.[1]




There is some uncertainty over the identities of Psylocke and Frenzy, thought to be respectively Jubilee and Rogue by the Marvunapp[2] but Psylocke[3] and Frenzy[4] for the Marvel Database wikia editors.

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