Avengers' end

The Kree-Daedemon War ended with the death of every Avengers among them Captain America, except Thor who returned to Asgard, leaving Earth defenless and panicking.[1]

Graydon Creed's command

President John Jameson is murdered in Genosha during a speech for global unity the 27 January 2002, without the killers ever found. Vice-President Graydon Creed take command of the United States of America.[2]

His anti-mutant politic make his parents Sabretooth and Mystique to form the Legion of Evil Mutants and declare war on Creed's government: The Gene Wars begin the 14 November 2002.[3]

Genes Wars

Creed's scientists produced a weapon, the M-Toxin, intended to exterminate all mutant life on Earth. Released the 1st April 2003 and seemingly malfunctioning, it killed one sixteenth of the population next day, including Creed, Charles Xavier and Magnus.[4]

The day after, anarchy ensued over the world. Eventually, most of the world was destroyed by the nuclear war.[5]

Logan's waking

About fifty years later, Logan waked up, having survived to the M-Toxin and to the nuclear war radiation poisoning thank to his healing factor. He looked for life without results.[6]

Life spawn back

Twenty years later, Logan started to find small signs of life, including few plants, "flying monstrosities" he named "Kith" and bands of savages men.[7]


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