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The heroes of this world were all killed by The Furies, except for the mutant Jim Jaspers who escape to Earth-11024 using his powers.[1]

A six-squad of Furies followed him using a Ghost Box and ended up in Earth-11024 where they were killed. The authorities of this reality then send six thousands Furies, and turned this world as a "wet rock".[2]

They also sent another six-squad on Jaspers' trail and ended on Earth-616, in Mbangawi, where the X-Men and the Doctor Crocodile who killed all of us except one, lured by Emma Frost to believe that his mission was a success. He then go back home through the Ghost Box.[3]


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  • The heroes of this world are similar in appearance to some heroes from DC Comics, including discernible Robin and Wonder Woman similes.
  • This reality seems to be one of the presumed twenty earths to obtain the Ghost Box technology.

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