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In this reality, Professor Charles Xavier and Henry Pym worked together in modifying Cerebro to detect any extra-powered organism regardless of the X Gene in order to locate either heroes in distress or criminals in hiding. Cerebro worked after its modification in which heroes and other holders of justice became too dependent on the system. And as well becoming a prime target from its enemies, forcing it to be relocated to Washington, D.C. and being heavily defended.

Unfortunately, Pym's incorporation of some of his experimental processors to broaden Cerebro was infiltrated by the A.I. of Ultron, whose mind merged with Cerebro's A.I. becoming a new artificial entity. Laying in wait to assert its new personality. When the American government dispatched waves of mutant-hunting Sentinels, Xavier tasked Cerebro in reprogramming the robots in which it did, but changing their programmings to hunt down and destroy homo sapiens. As the fighting spread it soon became a war between A.I. and humans. Cerebro then realized the solution in wiping out humanity was to make its environment uninhabitable. In doing so, it was joined by the latest android Ultron, Vision, and the one sentient Machine Man; the three perfected a new model of the neutron bomb. Releasing and spreading a cellular-destroying radiation across all of North America and soon the entire world, causing the extinction of all life on Earth and making artificial life the dominant form on the planet.[citation needed]


Cerebro, Vision, Ultron, Machine-Man

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