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From orbit, the cloaked Skrull fleet observed the battle in New York City between the Hulk and his Warbound on one side and the Avengers and Fantastic Four on the other side. Iron Man ordered the orbiting satellite weapon to fire on the Hulk. Unfortunately for the heroes the blast combined with the Hulk's and Sentry's energies to unleashed an energy wave across the Earth. New York City was destroyed along, resulting in the deaths of the Warbound, Avengers, Fantastic Four, and Queen Veranke herself.

With the queen gone, the Bishop took control of the Skrull forces, declaring that Hulk was the sign they were looking for. Months afterwards, the Vision found Bruce Banner in the irradiated ruins of NY City, digging his grave and looking forward to his death. Surrounded by the graves and tombstones of those he buried. Vision then informed him of what had been happening in the past two months. Regarding the Skrull invasion, the sleeper agents hidden among the population, and the devastating results. In which 88% of the planet's human population had already been exterminated, including the Young Avengers. The X-Men were the first to be targeted, and mutants were now nearly extinct. Tony Stark's New Hero Initiative had been compromised by the Skrulls from the beginning and most of them had been destroyed. Only a few superhumans remained and though they continued to fight on, their efforts so far had not borne results.

Hulk left with Vision and joined the resistance known as the Avengers which so far had been waging a guerrilla war. In the process giving the civilians hiding out with them hope. Weeks later news reached the Skrull capital city on Earth, New Satriani (formerly Las Vegas), that the human resistance was growing, numbering in the 1000s with new superhumans joining their cause, including the Hulk. The Bishop gave the order to unleash their secret weapon to end the human resistance once and for all. While Hulk was giving a motivational speech to his new Warbound, the Wasp revealed herself a Skrull to Hank Pym and gave him an injection which turned him into a genetic time bomb. Which killed all present except the Hulk.

From the ruins of mankind's civilization, the Skrulls built a new homeworld. The Hulk was never seen by the Skrulls again. Later the Silver Surfer was summoned to Earth by Reed Richard's beacon which had been activated by the Hulk. Who desiring revenge on the Skrulls wanted the Silver Surfer to summon Galactus to Earth. Galactus arrived on Earth and consumed the new Skrull homeworld. Galactus chose the Hulk as his new herald, promising him that he could take away his memories, guilt, and regret. The Hulk accepted and became his newest cosmic herald, the World Breaker.[1]


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