In this reality, an invasion of the Mad Celestials caused a collapse of it into a single timestream and Franklin Richards and Valeria Richards were apparently, along Nathaniel Richards, the only survivors in this reality close to extinction. Franklin made a plan with Valeria and Nathaniel to save the reality, he traveled time and used his reality shifting powers to restore his past counterpart self's, as well as advicing the past Valeria about things she has to do in order to save the future.

After Nathaniel Richards battled his other counterparts in a game set by Immortus and remained as the last Reed Richards, Franlkin forced him to travel back in time and help the Fantastic Four, at that time Future Foundation, to fight the alternate Reed Richards loose on Earth-616 and dealy the invasion of the Mad Celestials until he and Valeria could escape from the destruction of their reality and arrive to finish their plan. They arrived during Galactus battle against the Mad Celestials and, using his power, Franklin repowered Galactus and destroyed the Celestials.

After the reality was saved, Franklin and Valeria joined the Future Foundation.

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