In 2012 AD, the Canadian government ordered Department H to shut down due to accusations of genetic engineering. When Department H refused to shut down, the Canadian Parliament ordered S.H.I.E.L.D. to attack Alpha Flight, leaving most of its members dead. Shaman and Snowbird, together with the survivors, managed to escape into the otherworldly dimension of Qwrrl, where they found the dimension in the middle of an invasion by the alien Plodex race, led by former Alpha Flight member Marrina. Puck was the only Alpha Flight member to survive the Plodex assault, escaping back to Earth in a stolen spaceship. Landing in Alaska, Puck contacted two members of the top secret Epsilon Flight, Redbird and Nanook. The threesome avoided S.H.I.E.L.D. and made their way to the ruins of Department H, where they activated one of James Hudson's androids called Gamma. Redbird, Nanook, and Gamma then departed for space, with Puck remaining on Earth to guide the team via Gamma's tech link. In space, the three heroes found the dying Silver Surfer (who had been wounded by Galactus), who aided the team by providing them with a small super-powered creature called Goldensnow. [1]

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