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While formerly similar in many ways to the Prime Marvel Universe, this reality possesses numerous differences.

Before the Hive

Rex Strickland became the first known person to bond to a symbiote - presumably under similar circumstances to his counterpart from Earth-616.[1]

Decades later, Eddie Brock committed suicide at the Our Lady of Saints Church following the ruination of his journalistic career by reporter Peter Parker - alias the superhero Spider-Man. Distraught and consumed by hatred towards everyone involved, Anne Weying - Eddie's ex-wife - went to the church to mourn him. The Venom symbiote - abandoned at the church by Spider-Man - was drawn to her rage and bonded to her, turning her into the vigilante She-Venom.[1] Sensing the coming of a dire threat, the Venom symbiote began spawning numerous offspring; one of the which bonded to serial killer Cletus Kasady, turning him into the monstrous Carnage; while another bonded to teenage girl Andi Benton, turning her into Mania. Anne eventually became pregnant and gave birth to a son, Dylan - who was in actuality a piece of her symbiote incarnated in human form.

The War against the Hive

Eventually, Dylan succumbed to the influence of the dark god Knull and began calling himself "Codex", assuming leadership of the Symbiote Hive and attempting to conquer the world. To oppose him, President Eugene Thompson revived the Sym-Soldier Program with Tyrannosaurus as its leader. Anne Weying and Cletus Kasady being among the first recruits to join, followed by Peter Parker, Wade Wilson, and Andi Benton. However, Codex managed to kill President Thompson and Tyrannosaurus, and converted many of the world's heroes and villains into his symbiote enforcers, using his army to conquer the world.[1]

Reign of Codex

Taking Our Lady of Saints Church as his headquarters, Codex established a totalitarian regime where almost everyone was bonded to Symbiotes and anti-symbiote weaponry was outlawed, and crimes were punishable by execution. Despite this, for most life carried on as usual and technology advanced to the point where holographic displays and flying vehicles were commonplace. Anne Weying and the other surviving Sym-Soldiers became operatives for a rebel faction dedicated to opposing and undermining Codex's regime,[2] operating alongside the genius scientist Mister Fantastic.[1]

Interdimensional Arrivals

During an altercation with the supervillain Virus, the Venom of the Prime Marvel Universe was accidentally warped to Earth-1051 by a malfunctioning portal machine alongside his half-symbiote son Dylan Brock and Virus.[3] When Virus attacked Venom again, his symbiote connected to the symbiote hive-mind and attained new knowledge and abilities. Their battle drew the attention of the Avengers, who brutally beat and apprehended Virus while Venom escaped with Dylan.

Charged with possessing anti-symbiote weaponry, Virus was taken before Codex; while Agent Venom tracked down Venom and Dylan, recruiting them into the Resistance.[2]



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