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A divergent reality created after a fracture time-space continuum sent the Avengers, who had visited Earth-10071, back to the past, hours before they had traveled to said universe.[1]

The Avengers arrived to the future, but convinced Ultron to surrender to Kang's army, as his victory would only cause Kang to keep disrupting time in efforts to defeat him. When Kang's army arrived to fight Ultron, the A.I. allowed himself to be defeated. Kang dismissed the heroes he took from different points in time to form his army to their respective timelines and left frustrated. Immortus then turned on the heroes, killing Maestro, Spider-Girl, and Iron Man, but the Avengers Next then killed him.[2]

Following the fourth Chitauri War, the Earth became a regular stop for intergalactic mercenaries and traders. Cannonball and Sunspot traveled in time to Earth-10943 in order to stop this future's A.I.M. from providing Earth-616's A.I.M. with future tech.[3]

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