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In this reality, superhumans grew out of control. They began to take the law into their own hands more and more, acting as judge, jury and executioner. This led to popular support for Operation Deathlok, a plan conceived by Father to convert all superhumans into Deathloks.

Using The World, Father created the first Deathloks from human hosts who killed a few select heroes and used their corpses to create Super-Deathloks.

The Avengers, Defenders, X-Men and nearly all superhumans of this world were defeated and turned into mindless police and peacekeepers, ushering in a global utopia.

This utopia began to come unravelled through the actions of Apocalypse. This prompted Father to send Deathlok-units back in time to steal The World, and kill the nascent clone of Apocalypse within Fantomex's lab.


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